Greenfaith  Interfaith Circle


Peace Day Celebration 2021
Making Peace with the Earth
Saturday, September 18 at 2:00 PM
In the labyrinth at Bethlehem Retreat Centre


• Welcome and Land Acknowledgement – Leader

• Opening blessing and drumming by Tsumqwatun

• Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address Greetings to the Natural World

• The Flower that Shattered the Stone – sung by Laurel Circle

• Lament for Climate Change - responsive reading

• Silent prayer / meditation

• Reflection by Tsumqwatun

• Declaration of Interdependence 

• Somewhere to Begin - Sing-a-long by Laurel

• Go in Peace to love and care for our Earthly home.


Nanaim0 Greenfaith Circle busy along the E & N right-of-way, planting the 80+ trees that were donated as  part of the March 11 Global Day of Action,  On the right, our very own Ripley-Morris family hard at work.

Thank you Izabella and Emmett

Answering the Earth Day Challenge

Unity Vancouver Island member Judith Hewko is the first to answer the Green Faith challenge to pick up a bag of trash near your home and post it on the Green Faith Facebook page.  Judith says, "Yikes only took me 15 minutes to get a bag full of trash picked up near home., including the bag I found to put it all in in. Most it was individual snack food packages and wrappers and drink containers. I challenge everyone to just say no to pre-made grab-and-go individually packaged snack and junk food, and canned and bottled drinks."  Thank you for your leadership, Judith!


The Greenfaith Circle is a new group of Interfaith Leaders dedicated to action around the areas of environment, social justice and climate change.  Called into action by Julia Roberts, it currently includes members from the United and Anglican Churches, the Buddhist Community, Society of Friends (Quakers) Unitarian and Unity  Communities.  Leaders and members of all faith communities are invited to join us.  Nanaimo Greenfaith Circle is affiliated with the National organization, "Faith and the Common Good."

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Our first event was March 11, 2021, Global Day of Action.  Rather than protest, we chose to honour our forward-looking Mayor (Leonard Krog shown at top left) and council by presenting trees (75 native plants) to enhance their continuing reforestation efforts.

Romy Pritchard offered blessing & smudge
72 trees read for presentation
Meg and Barbara first to place trees
Romy making new friend
We were thrilled to have some children take part